Look for The Little Things, a release that really cemented Jackie’s place, in our eyes, as a shining light of the ‘Canadiana’ movement. A four-track set that brought together folk, country and Americana with a brilliantly atmospheric production.” - Tom Hilton

A B Records E Zine #80

We think that we could have published this last Friday and said it was a cover of an obscure Lee Hazlewood or maybe Jimmy Webb song and most people would have accepted that. There’s certainly something off-kilter about this upbeat folksong. There’s a Seventies pop-optimism about it too that is quite infectious.” - Jonathan Baird

Americana UK, April 8, 2022


Jackie K


Jackie K, an alt-folk songstress from Saskatchewan, celebrates the renewal of spring and the warmth of summer in her songwriting and her performances. Playing guitar and piano while charming audiences with her girl-next-door vocal style, she serves up both happy times and tough breaks with a friendly smile.


Kroczysnki has a pleasing voice, feeling both familiar and real without that eerie digital perfection that can grow tiresome” - Dino DiMuro

Divide and Conquer, March 16, 2022


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