...the song (I'm the Queen) compares the glitz and glamour of being the monarch squirrelled away in her castle, with the charm of domesticity, backyards, and minivans. This story is told against a backdrop of groovy neo-soul, featuring all the oohs and ahs a lover of 60’s soul music could possibly want.....The video emphasizes just how tongue in cheek the song is, and Jackie K’s performance really makes the sense of humour behind the lyric shine. ”

Cups N Cakes Network, August 18, 2023

... she [Jackie K] proves a more-than-capable facility for writing great chord progressions and melodies, and some genuinely masterful choruses.” - Shaun Lee

Cups N Cakes Network, March 30 2023

I had a great time speaking to Brayan Gribbin over the summer for the All Music Matters N'At Podcast!

Lots of different music related topics covered here. Hope you'll check it out!

"Sister Of Stone" from Saskatchewan, Canada-based indie folk singer-songwriter Jackie K, is a rather emotional single which is rather cinematic and vocally stunning. ” - Llewelyn Screen

A & R Factory, April 1 2023

She’s [Jackie K} a great storyteller. Some songs sound like classic country, the way it’s meant to be. Some sound more upbeat, leaning into Rock and Roll and even show tunes. All of it is brilliant storytelling, and she belongs on one of your playlists.” - Wrong Track Records

Front page of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, March 8th, 2023

CJNS Interview, March 21, 2023